A different kind of  experience
Our core value is “Serving with excellence and passion”. We believe that excellent holiday allows you to discover breathtaking places and get to know and immerse yourself in culture.
Our guides are professionally traind, licensed to operate within all Tanzanian National Parks, and dedicated to providing top-notch customer service.
We solicit feedback after each tour and use that feedback regarding our tour guides, tour consultants and drivers in order to maintain the highest level of standards at all times.
our team
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Samson Simon – Director
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Dearson Mndeme – Director
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Maduhu Kasheto – Chief Accountant
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Amedeus Kimaro – Ass. Finance Manager
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Samuel Saleko – Director of Marketing
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Patricia Venance – Front Office Manager

Love for Africa

When you love Africa as much as we do, you feel compelled to share that passion. For us, it is not just about showing you wildlife; it’s also about understanding people and culture and the efforts that are underway to conserve our habitats and protect these endangered animals.

You will experience Africa through the eyes of our expert safari guides, rangers and Excellent Guides leadership team and together we will reveal the hidden side of nature.

Come and experience the ultimate game drive with us!